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| Traditional cultural activities
新春游园活动 端午节活动 中秋节活动 七夕节活动

With the theme of inheriting and developing Chinese traditional culture, we have planned and organized lively traditional cultural activities for owners, and attentively maintained the harmonious neighborhood cultural atmosphere and family atmosphere, such as Spring Festival activities, Dragon Boat Festival activities, Mid-Autumn Festival activities, Qixi Festival activities, etc.

| International community activities
双语标识 双语公告信息 双语电话接听服务 外籍专场国际社区文化交流活动 中国传统戏曲欣赏 走进中国民间艺人 中国书画艺术展 端午节 感恩节 万圣节 圣诞节

In order to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and create a living environment of international quality living experience for foreigners with no barriers to communication, as the residential community with the largest number of foreigners in Chongqing, Palm Springs Property first insists on providing bilingual signs and bilingual announcement information, bilingual telephone service. Secondly, around “carrying forward Chinese traditional culture and customs and promoting the exchange of traditional culture without national boundaries”, carry out rich and special events on international community cultural exchange for foreigners, among which there are dozens of cultural theme events well received by foreigners such as Chinese traditional opera appreciation, into Chinese folk artist, Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition, celebrating traditional Dragon Boat Festival. Thirdly, hold traditional foreign festivals such as Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas every year, which makes international friends living in Palm Springs feel the strong festive atmosphere in their hometown.

| Recreation and sports culture activities
风筝节 钓鱼节 趣味亲子水上运动会

Create the love of owners for common living environment in sports, feel the joy of sports, harvest neighborhood friendship. We have successfully held 10 sessions of Kite Festival, Fishing Festival, fun Parent-Child Aquatic Games, etc., which have become the recreation and sports culture activities with Palm Springs features. At the same time, carry out diversified, regular community activities on sports, parents and children, love of the family, environmental protection and other themes to enrich the owners’ leisure life.

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