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SINCE 2005
Chongqing Palm Springs Lianying Property Services Co., Ltd

Chongqing Palm Springs Lianying Property Services Co., Ltd. was established in July 2005 and obtained the national first-class property management qualification in 2011. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Palm Springs Real Estate and is a professional property management company focusing on high-end properties. As of the end of 2017, the management of high-end projects covers an area of more than 1.7 million square meters. The management format covers top villas, large flats, high-end apartments, international luxury hotels, office buildings, large-scale integrated shopping malls and parks. The company has more than 600 professional employees, of which 33% are employees who have worked for more than five years.

Since its inception, Palm Springs has been adhering to the management policy of “sincere service, quality, harmonious development and continuous improvement” under the guidance of the corporate philosophy of “high efficiency, pragmatism, unity and innovation”. It has been fully introduced into QMS, EMS and OHSMS International. Standards, established a three-standard management system for property service quality, environment, occupational health and safety, adhered to the creation of high-end property services, formed a high-end property management model with Palm Springs characteristics, and possessed unique brand characteristics and good reputation in the field of high-end property management.

The projects managed by the company have successively won the “National Property Management Demonstration Residential Community”, “Chongqing Property Management Demonstration Residential Community”, “Chongqing Top Ten Residential Community”, “Chongqing Garden-style Residential Community”, and “Chongqing No Illegal Building Residence Community”. There are countless praises such as “Model Community” and “Chengdu Property Management Excellent Office Building”.

Since 2005, the Company-managed projects have maintained an annual collection rate of property fees of over 96%, and the average collection rate of property fees is 97.7%.

From 2006 to 2016, the company conducts a survey on the satisfaction of the quality of property work for the owners every year, and analyzes and improves the suggestions of the owners one by one, and return home interview to the households. In 2017, the third-party survey agency, China Index Research Institute, commissioned a satisfaction survey of the owners, which was 92.89 points, which was higher than the 2017 industry level of 18.29 points in 2017.

corporate culture
Corporate slogan
Live like Palm Springs!
Corporate Vision
Becoming a practitioner of high-end property services in China.
Corporate spirit
Dedicated to the ideal and persistent pursuit.
Core values of the company
efficient, pragmatic, united and innovative
Management policy
sincere service, quality, harmonious development, continuous improvement
Corporate mission
to provide honorable services, build beautiful homes, build a credible enterprise, and achieve employee dreams.
Corporate Code of Conduct
Quality Convention - Quality First
Service creed - creating a respectable living environment
Cost concept - reasonable cost is always better than minimum cost
Righteousness and profits - taking into account the win-win situation
Talent concept - both ability and political integrity
Partner philosophy - go hand in hand
The law of survival - born in sorrow and dieds in peace.

In 2005
Chongqing Lianying Property Management Co., Ltd. was established to start the "Concierge Lobby Building Butler" service.
The one-to-one handover ceremony with the house delivery ambassador of the Palm Springs has continued to this day. The first time success rate of the hardcover house is 99%.

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Main Award
Main Award
Chengdu Property Management Excellent Office Building
Chongqing No illegal Building Residence Community
Chongqing Quiet and Pleasant Residential Community
Chongqing Top Ten Residential Community
Chongqing Integrity Property Management Enterprise
Chongqing Garden-style Residential Community
Chongqing Property Management Demonstration Residential Community
National Property Management Demonstration Residential Community
Brand story
Brand story

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